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Asian BBQ Pork Ribs

I’ve tested this recipe several times and it’s solid! It’s good in the slow cooker or in the oven – but the oven gives you a lovely brown crust that I really enjoy. Pork shoulder chops or ribs or pork loin ribs (country style ribs) are spectacular with this sauce. I serve over grits or polenta. TO. DIE. FOR.

Asian BBQ Pork Ribs
2# Pork loin or shoulder ribs (often labeled “country style”)

1/2 c soy sauce
1 Tbl minced garlic or garlic paste (I prefer paste. Get it at the Indian or Asian store.)
2 Tbl brown sugar
1 Tbl rice wine vinegar
1 Tbl sambal chile garlic sauce
1 tsp ginger paste (Again, from the Indian/Asian store.)
2 tsp sesame oil
1/2 tsp black pepper
1 Tbl cornstarch
sesame seeds
1 cup grits cooked in 1.5 cup water, 3 tbl butter and 1/2 cup heavy cream
Low carb: broccoli, green beans or brussels sprouts

Preheat oven to 300-325F. Mix up the sauce and pour about half over the ribs. Make sure the ribs are well coated. Place ribs in single layer in an oven safe dish sprayed with PAM. Pour the rest of the sauce over the ribs and cover the tops of the ribs with sesame seeds. Cover tightly with foil and cook for about an hour and a half. At the 1.5 hr point, uncover the ribs and turn up the heat to 350F. Cook another hour or so until the ribs are nicely browned and the sauce is reduced. Pull the ribs from the oven, tent with foil and prepare the grits (or polenta if you prefer). Serve the ribs over the grits with some of the pan drippings. OMG so good!

Alternate cook instructions for slow cooker:
Spray crock with food release (such as PAM). Layer in ribs with sauce to just cover, top with sesame seeds. Turn on HI for 5 hrs or LO for 8 hours. If you want low carb, serve with a green vegetable rather than grits or polenta. This is not a low fat dish, but very low carb. To remove some of the fat that rises to the top, get several layers of paper towels and lay on top of the ribs in the crock. You’ll get a LOT of the fat off that way.

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