The Problem with Cord Cutting

I hate DirecTV’s bullshit and I hate paying those assholes $79/mo for TV that goes out every time it rains. YES I know I can cut the cord (or the SIGNAL as the case may be) but here’s the problem: we watch lots of shows and we can’t get most of them via Hulu or NetFlix. We might be able to get some via HD antenna (like SHIELD), I have to check on that.

But even if we manage to get most stuff, Nick would still spend a LOT of his time downloading the more obscure stuff – mostly from Food Network or Cooking Channel. Restaurant Impossible, Bar Rescue, Bite This and myriad other things we watch for research purposes would have to be hunted down. That equals LOTS of time.

So, we stay with DirecTV and its bullshit because it’s saving us time.

I know it’s lame, but that’s the bottom line: time. DirecTV and other providers know this, which is why they are uber douchey. Oligobble, baby.

Comcast is our internet provider because it’s our ONLY choice for true broadband and those assholes charge us $45/mo. Of course you can’t SEE any of the various speeds and prices online, oh NO that is supah secret, but I can tell you that I have 50mbs for the price of the 25mbs service. Here is my bill (that does not say anywhere on it what I’m actually paying for):

Oligobble w/ Comcast!
Oligobble w/ Comcast!

The “Blast” special is, I think, why I get the 50mbs for the price of the 25mbs. Who the fuck knows, since they are as obscure as possible on the site and on the bill. OLIGOBBLE OUR BALLS! YOU’LL TAKE WHAT WE GIVE YOU.

Anyhoo, we pay a combined $125/mo for tv and internet. It’s fucking insane. But if we want service, VE VILL PAY.

At least our cell phones are reasonable. We use Virgin Mobile and have for over a decade. GREAT service, great coverage, minimum bullshit. Nick is on the $30/mo dealie and I’m on the $40/mo. Unlimited data (there’s a cap, I’ve never reached it) and Nick gets 300mins talk; I get 1200mins talk. I have to use the phone a lot more than Nick for my job. No contract, either, just good service. The only downside of Virgin Mobile is that we have to buy our phones and they MUST be from VM. We are currently waiting for the price of the 5 series to come down, then we’ll upgrade.

The only provider I actually endorse on this post is Virgin Mobile. They rock. Interested? Please use my VM referral link and get $25 free credit! :)