Just a short note!

I cannot believe it’s October. This part of the year always seems to fly by. And as usual, this time of year also gives me bouts of fear and loathing. It’s my birthday coming up, I’m sure. I hate being middle aged and my birthday exacerbates that. Ugh. But, as they say, it’s better than the alternative, right? Harumph.

I’m working very hard to get right with my place in life and find ways to have more fun. I got those hair pieces at con and they lifted my spirits considerably. I know it sounds weird, but sometimes it’s the small stuff that can help.

I’m getting back into walking every day – I even got us LifeTrak watches to help with that. Mine is not very reliable, but it’s ok for $40. If I can keep my knee from going out, I’ll be good.

All in all, I like my job, I have a wonderful partner and things are good. I really have no business whining. So I’ll stop. :)

Thanks for reading (all 5 of you) and happy autumn!

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