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Just a rambling, what’s on my mind kind of post. No real theme or anything.

DJ: Poor old thing. His face is a mess from runny eyes and his ulcerated nose. He’s skin and bones. He’s got some sort of urinary tract issue – probably bladder stones – that we’ll get looked at on Thursday. The good news is that taking him off of fluconazole has helped with his puking and he’s eating a LOT more now. Guess that crap really did cause stomach upset! He’s not gaining weight that I can see, but he is certainly eating more. He won’t eat cat food, tho, he eats a gruel that I make from ham baby food, chicken stock, supplements and a little cat food blended in. It looks gross, but he eats it, so that’s what he gets. He’s taken to asking for food several times a day and of course I give it to him. Mangia!

Missy: Miss Rottenness is doing well. She had abscessed anal glands a few weeks ago and had to have minor surgery. She came through it well and her little ass is getting furry once again. Who knew kitties had ass cheeks?? LOL SO CUTE. Her thyroid has stabilised w/ the meds and she’s doing very well. Bossy as ever.

We have been coming off of Celexa for a few days. We’d knocked it down to 5mg every other day, which is pretty much not enough to do anything other than keep us off kilter, so we stopped it on Saturday. For our efforts, we’ve both had insomnia since then: I had mine night before last and Nick had his last night. Nice. Fucking antidepressants are the most addictive crap ON THE PLANET. DON’T START THEM!! Getting off them is worse than what you started them for in the first fucking place. Damn. Hopefully some insomnia will be the worst of it. ::fingers crossed::

While we are in waiting mode as far as trying again for a new house, we are working on our business plan for the pub. We still have hardons for the old James Joyce building, but I’m also enquiring about some lease space around Avondale and Decatur. It’s hard to make a business plan with projections when you have nothing to base it on! I think I’ll work backwards from the expenses to see what we’ll need to make to break even, make a small profit and make a medium profit. I think that’s all I can do.

I’m fighting the feelings of OMG WHAT AM I DOING and being generally overwhelmed by all of this business plan stuff. I keep telling myself, “people do this EVERY DAY”, but I still feel quite inadequate. Rob is being awesome and helping me a lot, but it’s still pretty fucking terrifying. Bleh.

What I need is an investor to buy the James Joyce property and then lease it to me. That would solve a whole list of shit for me in one fell swoop. I’d not have to buy equipment. I’d have the perfect location. It’s just PERFECT and we are kinda stuck on it, to be truthful. So, if anyone reading this knows of a rich investor who’d like to buy a really great restaurant property, send them my way. This property can be had for a deal and it is guaranteed a winner. The reason it’s been vacant for 2+ years is that no one who is starting up a business can afford to buy a massive building w/ almost an acre of property for $500,000-$625000!! The property is worth easily over a million as it sits. Quite a bargain, if you ask me. I’d buy it in a heartbeat if I could. So, rich people PLEASE CONTACT ME!!

To keep my sanity in all this, I am going to work on some recipes rather than numbers today. I think having a menu sample attached to the business plan would be a good thing and it is something that I enjoy and find relaxing. Like cooking!

Eh, I guess that’s it for the State of the Weasels.

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