Another Quickie Update

So the mortgage loan is stalled once again. Apparently the bankruptcy is fine, it’s the second mortgage on this place (that was DISCHARGED) that is causing us to get kicked out again. We’ll know tomorrow or Tuesday one way or the other. If it falls through, then we will be renting for the foreseeable future. And we are fucking FINE with that. The mortgage industry is still just as ridiculous as ever – if not worse – than it was before the crash. Now they can refuse you for any reason in the name of “safe loans”. They can all fuck off and die. I’ve got several rentals lined up just in case.

The stress is pretty bad, but the resentment is worse. We are so bitter and resentful of the whole banking industry right now. And they wonder why we don’t keep all our money in the system? HA!! If this falls through, I may never buy again, just like everyone else. I’ll just rent from all the rich white folks who have benefited from this whole real estate fiasco. Fine. The rich white folks can HAVE IT. I’m SO put out. It’ll be nice to call someone ELSE to fix broken shit anyway. What the fuck ever. Renting is a futile use of money, but the system it set up to push more people to it. Thus enriching the already rich bastards that own 150 rentals. Fuck it and fuck them. Ugh.

We’ll continue to plan for our future, regardless if the “system” helps us or not. We’ve done everything by ourselves for this long, why change now? We’ve go NO backup. Nick’s parents are dead, mine wouldn’t piss on me if I was on fire. We don’t have any rich friends, nothing. If we’re going to attempt our dream, then it’s up to us and NO ONE will get in the way of that. We don’t fit the system and the system doesn’t fit us, that’s clear.

That’s where we are: stressed out, resentful and making alternative plans. ::maniacal laugh! maniacal laugh!::

2 Replies to “Another Quickie Update”

  1. At least if you rent, you can pack up and leave whenever you’d like. After the hell I went through (BY MYSELF, THANK YOU) in 2011 buying that house for JJ and I, I am really loathe to ever do it again. I feel your pain.

  2. Seriously. This is some pure T bullshit. I’ve not heard from anyone today, so I’m assuming that the deal is dead. Whatever. I just don’t care any more.

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