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Blades in the Wall

This is why I LOVE having an old house. We have a medicine cabinet from when the house was built in 1951:

ca. 1951 medicine cabinet

ca. 1951 medicine cabinet

When replacing the old medicine cabinet today, we found this in the wall:

Pile of used razor blades!

Yes, that would be razor blades. LOTS of them. We were shocked! So, why were there razors in the wall you ask? Well, let me tell you! Apparently, it was common practice to put razor disposal slots in medicine cabinets back in the day. Yes, that’s right, a special SLOT for blades that would deposit them conveniently into your walls. Yah. I am NOT making this up! (I wondered what that slot was for!) LOOK:


So, yes, we pulled out our old ass medicine cabinet today to find a pile of old razors. About 625 of the golden Gillettes (pictured below) and 25 miscellaneous ones – YES, I counted them!!


My question is this: Who in the blue fuck thought this was a reasonable solution? WHY? WHY? WHY? OMG WTF were these men thinking? That the house would never ever be refurbed? That people would automatically know to look out for hundreds (some people find thousands!!) of old rusty razors in the wall?? WTF??


We are gobsmacked. I did a Google search and this is apparently very common – well, seeing as how the cabinets were MARKETED with “Razor Disposal Slots”. ::shakes head::

From a random board:
“In high school (1953-57) I helped my stepdad remodel houses. In those days, EVERY medicine cabinet had a razor disposal slot, which was needed—for example, Schick Inject blades came in a cartridge of 20 blades, with no used-blade disposal compartment. The used blades put through the medicine cabinet slot just dropped down between the studs to land on a 2×4. They tended to be rusted together in a mass-…”

I can attest that these paper thin blades did indeed glob together when they rusted. But STILL! Damn! If anyone needs 625 rusty Gillette blades, please give me a call, would you? (!!)

These are the same people that think that burying nuclear waste and other poisonous materials is a good idea, no doubt.


Just damn. It’s a miracle we’ve survived as a species with such rampant stupidity. Darwin, please HELP!!

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