Bimodal Sleep

So, that’s what it is! LOL I’ve always called it INSOMNIA.

I’m back to the “wake up between 3-4am every night” thing again.  I really wish it was something as simple as smoking too much or drinking too much or whatever, but no. It started up out of the blue when I was being very good and doing nothing bad.

So, I looked it up. Turns out, there is a school of thought that this is a normal sleep pattern that we’ve pushed aside in our strictly organised society. This article about bimodal sleep is very interesting.

So, last night I awoke around 4am and got up for a bit. I did take a Deep Sleep because I was feeling restless (which is a sure sign of not being able to sleep) despite the recommendation against sleep aids. I surfed the ‘net until I started feeling very tired – which was about 30 minutes. I went back to bed but didn’t ever get any real sleep even with the sleep aid. I kept waking up the rest of the night. I think I do have hormonal issues, but the idea that you can wake up and not suffer for it too badly the next day is appealing. I feel surprisingly well today. I think I’ll plan a nap this afternoon – which is recommended with this fucked up sleep schedule.

I’ve got party supplies to procure today, so off I go to get exercised and run my errands. Later!

2 Replies to “Bimodal Sleep”

  1. Seriously, I do the same thing almost every single time when there is a waning moon. Then, it ebbs……
    This has happened to me for years. I can’t sleep at all during the full moon, but my body does not seem to feel it for some reason. This is strange because I don’t have Pisces/water-related bone in my body that I know of…..

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