Ahhh! Friday!

And another busy week is gone. There’s a ton of stuff bouncing around my head today, so it’s time for the Friday Free for All list!

  • I really like my various jobs. I may bitch about the accounting stuff for the taquería, but learning is always fun – even if it is Quickbooks. Yech. There’s still the feeling of accomplishment when you spank it into submission and get the job done.
  • I am a total birdwatching nerd. There was a huge Red Shouldered Hawk around the neighborhood yesterday. Their call is much like a very loud whistle. I think it’s a female due to the large size. She woke me up at 7:30am this morning whistling. I never saw her today, I think she was in a tree behind my house. Nonetheless, every time I hear her call I grab my field glasses and run outside like a total goober. Heh. It’s as bad as the Barred Owls I chase around in the middle of the night! I am very pleased with my birdie nursery this year. I’ve got about a dozen cardinals (half of them fledglings), 10 or so Mourning Doves (3-4 fledglings), a fledged Towhee, lots of fledged finches, 2 hummingbirds (one female, one juvenile) and myriad others. No wonder I go through 20# of feed every week! They’d eat more if I gave it to them!
  • Still got too many squeerels. Need to go on a shootin’ spree this weekend and run them off. One came up ONTO the windowsill, looked me right in the eye and gnawed on my fucking window the other day!! Oh, there will be shootin’. Guaran-fuckin’-teed. (Yeehaw!)
  • I look forward to Taylor and Jeff’s wedding tomorrow. I’ve not been to a foofy wedding in a long time. It’s in Oxford, but it’ll be worth the drive, I think.
  • The mosquitos have exploded in my backyard. I went out to walk around the yard this morning and was swarmed! They even followed me into the house! ACK! It’s time for yard spray. Bleh!
  • Again with the birds, sorry! But fledglings can be SO cute! There was a finch trying to learn to fly the other day and it looked just like Woodstock! It was flapping as hard as it could and going in circles. You could just see the thought balloon: “ACK! How do I steer? Oh, HEY! Look out! How do I land? How do I land?!” I had to laugh. Poor thing finally did manage to get onto the feeder and eventually on the birdbath for a drink. Learning to fly is thirsty work! :-)
  • The cats have begun exhibiting interesting behaviours. Whereas they used to sort of sniff each other’s nose then whap, now they are head butting and nuzzling before they whap each other. Wonder what that’s about? Wish I could read their little kitty minds. I do know that it has to do with Bernie being gone. It’s changed the equation.
  • Yes, I know there’s a shit ton of Comic-Con pix to post. I plan to scarf some of it for my site – particularly the Pacific seashore shots I took. They will make excellent desktops. Other than that, I guess Nick will handle the bulk of it. I try to let him be the keeper of the photos. It’s best to have them all in one iPhoto rather than scattered about. Besides, a packrat like him is the perfect person to horde all the music and photos, so I let him!
  • It’s Friday and I’ve been fairly good with the diet/exercise this week. Of course I cheat, but not horribly. I may drink beer tonite, however, which is VERY bad. Eh.
  • Life’s short; live it up!
  • And with that, m’dears, I’m off to start my weekend. Happy Friday to all! ::smooch::

5 Replies to “Ahhh! Friday!”

  1. I barely can wait until I can do outside decorating (yano, landscaping), so I can get butterflies and birds. They make me happy, too. It’s going to be another year or two, though.
    As it stands I’m growing some beautiful spiders in the window box this year. They’ve got really nifty webs.

    As for beer today, Carpe beer, woman. If beer once a week breaks the diet, the diet was badly formed.

  2. BEER, fuck diets. everyone is made differently, just some of us more round than others, take me for example. drink the beer, it makes us happy :)

  3. SQUUUEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Guess what I GOT IN THE MAIL!!!!


    (that’s my happy noise!)

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