Well, the AMUG site is up and the official rollout is tomorrow. Thank the gods of web design! I am so happy to have it up and public. I decided to use CSS and Javascripting (I used ’em here, too, go ahead and admire the source code…) to try and assuage the font problems of cross platform surfing, so I had to do some quick WebMonkey tutorials at the last minute. Believe it or not, it worked (!). The irritating thing is that the CSS seems to be more consistent on the PC platform than the Mac! Bugger!

I suppose everyone was thinking that somehow Floyd the hurricane had had an impact on us here in Atlanta, but no. It brought us some gusty weather and cooler temps, but that’s it. Not a drop of rain. [ed note: we have rain today (mon), yay!] The only thing we got was refugees from the GA coast and Florida!

I got turned down by yet another web company this week. As usual, I get some way lame reason: ‘we need someone with a bit more HTML experience on the coding side’. What the hell does that mean, and what should I do to fix it? I was impetuous and I replied to his lame mail, asking just what, exactly he meant by his statement and what, exactly I could do to get ‘ a bit more HTML experience on the coding side’. I was very nice and submissive in the mail, don’t worry. What have I got to lose? I figure he is cool enough to perhaps float some feedback my way. Whatever. I guess it’s more Mac for me! Eh, that’s OK. I’m sure I’ll get into the web when I’m ready. It’s hard for me to accept waiting,but I think there is a reason for this stall that I don’t see.

It’s almost time for yoga class again. I can’t wait. I’m really bad about doing my daily yoga when I’m not in class, so this will put me back on track.

I have a very nice suprise for you: a cool story written by an ex-coworker from the Loaf. I’ll have it up this week, so look for it on the personal page.

I’d love to write more, but I’ve been in front of this box for about 8 hours and I’m all typed and uploaded out.

Om shanti.