From Daily

If you want to be free,
Get to know your real self.
It has no form, no appearance,
No root, no basis, no abode,
But is lively and buoyant.
It responds with versatile facility,
But its function cannot be located.
Therefore when you look for it,
You become further from it;
When you seek it
You turn away from it all the more.

– Linji (d. 867)

Zen for the day

Comprehending the fundamental,
Embracing the spirit,
Roam the root of heaven and earth,
Wander beyond the dust and dirt,
Travel to work with noninvolvement.
Take care not to let mechanical
Intelligence burden your mind;
Watch what is not temporal
And remain unmoved by things.

– Lao tzu

Daily Zen quote

Silvery moon hangs high in the sky.
I ride a tiny boat in the vast and misty sea.
Moon and sea forgotten;
I forget that I have forgotten.
And before the window
I sit quietly in meditation until midnight.

– Jakushitsu (1290–1368)

Zen Quote


Wanting nothing,
With all your heart stop the stream
When the world dissolves,
Everything becomes clear.
Go beyond this way or that way,
To the farther shore
Where the world dissolves
And everything becomes clear.
Beyond this shore and the farther shore,
Beyond the beyond,
Where there is no beginning, no end,
Without fear, go.

– Buddha in the Dhammapada

Gratefulness Prayer

There is a paragraph that I recite just about every day. It’s the Gratefulness Prayer. I do it to remind myself of what’s important in life and to remind myself that every day, every thing is a gift. Good bad or indifferent, the lessons we learn are gifts of the Universe and we should never forget that. Anyway, this prayer does a lot to keep me on track and keep me honest about what I’m learning in this life.

I thought others may benefit from this prayer, so I offer it to my 5 readers (LOL) as it was offered to me by an acquaintance over a year ago.

Gratefulness Prayer
Thank you for the love in my life. Thank you for the love that surrounds me. Thank you for the miracle of life that I am and for the miracle of life I see reflected all about me. Thank you for the gift of life that I am. Thank you for my perfect body, my health and vitality. Thank you for the abundance that I am. Thank you for the richness of my life. Thank you for the money that flows to me. Thank you for the excitement and adventure of the millions of possibilities and probabilities. Thank you for the beauty and harmony. Thank you for the peace and tranquility. Thank you for the laughter and the play.

This prayer should be recited, sung or chanted every day. Your gratefulness energy will flow from you and allow the good things in life to flow to you.

I hope you get as much from it as I have.