Margaritas and Street Art

Well, just when I think that my life can’t get any weirder…

Friday night, Andy and I went out to eat Mexican and drink margaritas for Cinco de Mayo. 2 kickass margaritas and 2 beers later, we are strolling back to the car in Little 5 Points and I glance across the street, noticing some black guy putting down a bedroll. I thought he was just a vagrant or whatever, when I look at what he’s facing. He is facing a tree with small black and white TVs hanging in it. NO LIE. I immediately say to Andy: HEY, LOOK, an art installation!! So we cross the street and ask the guy what’s up with the art. He chuckles and says that I’m the first person to notice that what he has done is actually ART.

He asks us to sit down, so we do, thus becoming PART of the art, rather than looking AT the art. So, we are sitting in this parking lot, in front of a tree with 5 small B&W TVs hanging in it, with unique static on each one. We *are* the art. COOL.

After a bit he rolls up a blunt and we all get toasted, then we really start to talk some stoned shit about art and where he got his concept for this. He said that he’d dreamed it, but in the dream there were hundreds of tiny TVs about the size of grapefruits all over the tree. Of course that is very cost prohibitive, so he rounded up 5 little B&Ws to see how it would look. We agreed that the unique static on each TV was the coolest part of the concept. Tourists (people who live Outside The Perimeter in Atlanta, but come Inside The Perimeter to see the freaks in Little 5 Points on the weekends) were passing by and looking at us and the TVs with trepidation and fear. It was truly a surreal experience.

Of course, after the blunt we were waaaay past trippin’ so we stumbled to the car and headed home. Naturally, we stopped at our neighborhood bar, Trackside Tavern, where all CRUNK Decaturites end up late at night and had a couple of Cider Jacks to make sure we were indeed fucked up before we went home. It worked! :-)