That’s a Wrap!

With MomoCon in the rearview, it’s time to reorganize and change gears.

MomoCon was spectacular this year! They blew past their previous attendance numbers and we are so proud to be a part of it! The GWCC police were dicks, as usual, but everyone else was great.

Our games had lines most of the time and we got lots of positive comments about how nice our games are. We appreciate the support!

If you don’t know, Player One Arcade Services is our side hustle. We bring games to conventions, mostly, but sometimes we’ll do a random party or reception. Furry Weekend Atlanta and MomoCon are our two biggest events. If you are into cute, FWA is for you – even if you’re not a furry! If you are into anime, gaming or other nerdly pursuits, MomoCon is for you! We HIGHLY recommend these cons! Furry is not particularly kid friendly, but MomoCon is DEFINITELY kid friendly.

We’ve got games to repair: Simpsons’ display finally pooped out at Momo; Ms Pac cocktail at My Parents Basement is having major display issues; Millipede and Donkey Kong III both need to be fixed. It never ends.

Nick would love to do nothing but games, but it’s just not feasible. Even if we had 75 games like one of the vendors, we’d have to travel continuously and STILL not make much money, so NO to that. We are still underemployed and in debt, which is never a good place. I’m working on getting a p/t job and soon I’ll be combing the intertubes on Nick’s behalf for a new job. He really hates that stupid print shop and the hour long commute – and I do not blame him.

So, that’s the state of the Weasels at the moment. Tyler Bryant said it best:

I ain’t last, I ain’t first
I ain’t blessed, I ain’t cursed
I been better
But I sho’ been worse
Sho’ Been Worse, Tyler Bryant

Wish me luck with the p/t job and finding something better for Nick. Peace out.