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Brain Dump

While we are having Quiet Time™, I guess I’ll do a brain dump post. I’ve got lots of little things knocking around in here, just nothing big enough for a full post. So let the info dump commence!

Nick is tired today, hence Quiet Time™. He’s back to not drawing. WTF ever. I’m about to give up that fight. He’ll do it when he’s damned good and ready. It’s the Way of the Taurus Weasel.

We have set some goals. Besides getting the fucking comics wrangled, we want to achieve escape velocity and GTFO of this stuck mojo place we’re in. We are comfortable and it’s killing us. Seriously. Sometimes you’ve got to do something FIERCE to get your life going. We are planning FIERCE. And VERY uncomfortable. We aren’t sure of the timetable, but we have the goal. I hope we can achieve it. It does NOT involve Atlanta. That’s all I’ll say at this time.

I had dreams of being in a new house with lots of room. There were people there (roommates?) that were annoying but seemed to serve some sort of purpose? Nick and I were rearranging furniture (very NICE furniture!) and debating over which pieces to put in storage. The other night I dreamt of not scary zombies. And Madonna. Madonna was NOT a zombie, sadly, that would’ve been cool!

I had a busy week. Lots of stuff to do for the bakery and the taqueria. Also had to get the magazine up as usual. I got stuff done LIKE A BOSS.

Graphicly has started a new thing where they will convert and distribute your book, magazine, comic, whatever to all the various digital outlets for $150 per document. That is the special discount rate and will go up, but let me tell you: even if it doubles it is an AMAZING deal. If you have thought of going digital, I strongly suggest you get thee to Graphicly right away and contact them about their new digital conversion business. [Graphicly died in ’13 or ’14, sadly. -A Feb 2016]

DJ is in his decline, I think. He’s eating well, but he’s still getting thinner. ::sigh:: He’s now got a small bump on his nose which is probably the Cryptococcus neoformans digging in deeper. I hope I’m wrong, but I dunno. A kitty mama knows when her elderly children are slowing down. There’s nothing to be done about it, I’m just saying it out loud to try and get used to the idea. Makes me melancholy. :(

The dieting is going along. I’m still not very disciplined about it, but I’m losing a little, so it’s good. Shakeology shakes are pretty good, but I can’t really see that they actually help with weight loss at all. Meh.

Missy has been a little bunghole this week. She has decided that 6am is the perfect time to get up. She wakes us up then runs and hides so we can’t put her in timeout (the bathroom). The other day, I gave food to DJ and grabbed her, tossed her in timeout and went back to bed. She was quite angry about this, so she pooped on the bathroom floor. I didn’t speak to her for a full day. We’ve since worked it out and she has not woken us up at 6am, either. Damn cat!

I finished the Steve Jobs biography. It was pretty dry and I’m not a huge fan of Isaacson’s style, but I still loved it. It’s really the story of Apple, you see, as much as it is about Jobs. It’s sort of like reading my own biography with Apple/Macintosh. And I also share some personality traits with Steve: coldness, binary thinking (it sucks or it’s the best), perfectionism, deeply sensitive (but well hidden) and some others. I can totally understand his behaviour despite never having met him. And I still mourn the loss of genius that really DID change the world. I know all you naysayers will pooh-pooh all of this, but just look at what his crazy head thought up (or modified or paid to have made):
the mouse
the trackpad
touchscreen w/ gestures
phone with apps
music device with apps
Gorilla glass (yep, he paid Corning to start making it again)
digital music
digital books, mags, newspapers, etc.
Pixar (and subsequently Disney)
and tons more stuff!
The sheer industrial design that Jobs came up with is amazing. Ives and Jobs changed the way technology looks. The world would not be full of these marvelous devices if Apple (aka Jobs) hadn’t had the stones to make it happen. His loss will be felt for a long, long time. Like it or not hatahs, he is why all of you have Droids and Kindles.

I read the Normal Mailer photo book Marilyn. While the photos are great, the actual quasi-biography written by Mailer is hideous. That man had some sort of hang up about sex. It was mentioned on just about every page – usually right along with his psychobabble about Marilyn’s supposed issues. I can’t believe that man won a Pulitzer! Marilyn was horrible to read. I gave up and just looked at the iconic pix instead.

The Weasel is up from his nap and I’m gonna wrap. It’s been a nice brain dump. Thanks for reading! Now it’s time for Super Bowl blabbing and GO GIANTS!

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