The rest of the weekend

There were other happenings over the weekend besides the mad kitchen refurb. Sunday was a busy day, actually, with much hobnobbing around Decatur.

Caroline & Co. came down from the North 40 to try out the New Orleans Snoball Cafe [RIP] that just opened up in Decatur. It’s the first time we’ve met Miss SarahJane in person if you can believe that! It was really great to hang out with the Holkos and to see Julian (aka Cougar Bait!). We had a great time and the snoballs were DEELISH! They are NOT snocones. Nope, not at all. You really must get over there and visit Miss Victoria the owner. She’s awesome. Oh, it’s cash only for now, so take yer folding money. Also, she serves REAL muffulettas with authentic Central Grocery olive salad. It’s the ONLY place in Atlanta to get this, folks, so if you want real olive salad to take home, bring $20. We paid it happily.

Also on Sunday, we met up with a fellow comic artist at Thinking Man and Nick talked shop with him for a bit. We attended the first part of the steampunk folks’ meeting, but we were anxious to get back home and work on the wiring. We were thwarted somewhat by Kate who came by to get her mail and then drug us out to Marlow’s Tavern (in the Doubletree @ Northlake) for a late dinner. The fried asparagus there is to die for. And the grit cakes are pretty damn yummy, too.

We were expecting the contractors bright and early Monday morning (8:30 was the appt time) so we drug ourselves out of bed and got ready. And waited. And waited. I finally got ahold of Cathy and she *thought* she’d left me a VM about an emergency call – but she must’ve left someone else TWO VMs because she didn’t call me. In any case, we were rescheduled for “after 1pm” so we just got started on kitchen wiring at 9am instead. I went out, ran errands and got us Chick-Fil-A for lunch. They got here around 3pm, right as Nick finished up the kitchen wiring, so it all worked out perfectly. Yay!

Despite my wanting to cook, we were just too frelling wiped out to do anything more than order Chinese last night. I did boil 2 qts of water in under 10 minutes. YES WE WATCHED WATER BOIL. Don’t judge!! :-P

Also, cutting me a wee bit of slack, Aunt Flo didn’t descend upon me until middle of the day yesterday so I could function, although I did have insomnia for a few hours last night, which I’m sure I’ll have to nap to pay for later today. I think that’s all the highlights. Now, I must get out of here and get some food to cook on my stove. SQUEE! :)