Off to Heroes tomorrow!

It’s been a busy, busy week! Monday’s Atlanta Cartoonists meeting was awesome! My goal was 10 ppl and that is what we had! Yay! I tell you, only 10 artists and the talent was oozing off the table. I was impressed. Seriously, if this group is representative of the kind of high calibre talent we have in this town, then everybody needs to look out! Here’s the crowd:

The first Atlanta Cartoonists meeting!
The first Atlanta Cartoonists meeting!

Our Clear Wire experiment is going well. We will cancel ATT next week. We’ve been consistently pulling 4000+kps downstream and 500+kps upstream from it – and we’re only paying for a 3mps account, so I’m pleased. The bandwidth will come down as more ppl sign on, but living in the ghetto, I’m betting that it won’t be too crowded down here. I also don’t think it’ll stay under 3mps consistently like ATT. [This didn’t last long. Clear gave up quickly in the wifi market. -A]

Tomorrow we make the trek to Charlotte NC for Heroes Con! We are STOKED! This is a COMIC convention – no stupid costumes or any of that crap, just COMICS. Every publisher is there, plus all the small press and independent companies, too. We are taking about 30 Weasels to hand out to various publishers and such. This is a working con, so there will be much meet n greet going on. Next year, we will have a table.

Speaking of next year, the plan is to attend these cons as vendors rather than attendees: Phoenix Comic Con (Mem Day), Heroes Con (late June), San Diego (July, if we can swing it and find a booth to share) and APE San Francisco (Oct/Nov). I’d LOVE to attend WonderCon in San Fran in Feb, but I doubt we can afford it. Although, that would be easier to afford than San Diego!! I’m also going to revisit the master con list and flesh out all the regional cons we can drive to. Oh, yah and perhaps do a table at DragonCon. You all know my feelings about that convention and the slimeballs who run it…

So the plan is to hit it hard next year – all things being steady with work and money. We are doing some tests for Weasel tshirts, please hop over to and give us some feedback about the designs, prices, etc. We want to know what everyone likes the best before we order a shit ton of them for cons!

Our pal James (whose wife Becky does Little Vampires) ordered a Weasel T from us and is doing a spectacular job of modeling it, too! Thanks, dude!

Ok, enough tweety tweets, facey pages and bliggity blogs. Gotta get some work done!