Happy Yule and New Year!

As we wind down 2018, I am glad to see it GO. Our fortunes have gone from bright to tarnished, as we were held in limbo for 7-8 months by the rich landlord. Our credit cards are maxed, our credit scores suck and it’ll be a miracle to get the pub open by March.

BUT. All that notwithstanding, we will survive and we will KILL IT when we open. Of that I am certain.

I’m grateful to everyone who has been supportive of our efforts and to everyone who contributed to our GoFundMe – that has enabled me to get a kegerator lined up and perhaps a reach-in for the bar as well. Couldn’t have happened without the people who have backed us. THANK YOU.

I’m also grateful to have my best friend as my partner in crime. Nick and I have been packed up each other’s asses in this house all year, and it’s not been too bad. We can read each other and we know how to ‘go to our corners’ when we feel like fighting. We work well together and I know we’ll work well to run this pub. <3

I’m grateful for our health – both mental and physical. We’ve had some ups and downs, but overall, I think we’ve weathered this year really well. Not everyone could handle the kind of pressure we’ve been under to make this happen with our limited funding.

We have grit and we’ll make this happen no matter what.

I look forward to getting GOING and seeing how our mad plans pan out. I feel optimistic that we’ll KILL and the pub will be a great success.

So, again, thank you to everyone who’s been supporting us along the way. WE SEE YOU. And we are grateful. XOXO