Pricey Make-up and Youtube

Is it wrong to like LESS fussy makeup? These youtube girls take an hour to put on layer upon layer of makeup and I just can’t be bothered. I mean, REALLY? I have been working to do better eye makeup, but even then I only use 2-3 colours, tops. These girls use like SIX colours! GAH! And the contouring? NAWP. I use a little bit of blush under the cheekbone and a little highlighter on top. I’ve also found that using a brush for foundation makes it too heavy, so I’ve gone back to fingers. I’m a heathen, I know. HA!

I think as you age, using less makeup is probably for the best. Too much foundation and concealer and all that really globs up and shows fine lines, I think. Less = more. OH! I found a GREAT youtuber that is my age (one week apart!) and we have similar opinions on makeup. She’s an actress named Monique Parent. I enjoy her tutorials and her beautiful grey hair! Look her up!

For a night out, I use this method (currently):
– primer (NYX Photo Primer) applied with fingers
– pore minimiser (NYX) applied to crater sized pores for a better finish
– concealer (Revlon Colorstay) Around eyes and eyelids, applied with fingers
– Revlon New Complexion creme foundation (VERY lightly) fingers
– Mineral Wear powder foundation (past jawline down neck) sponge applicator
– Mineral Wear translucent setting powder, big brush
– base eye colour (usually shimmer) sponge applicator or brush if it’s matte
– base colour under lower lashes (sometimes slightly darker) sponge or small brush
– colour in the crease and outer lid, into a wing, brush
– sometimes I’ll do a darker colour in the crease (gotta be careful with heavy lids!) brush
– eyeliner on top lid only; sometimes with wing (Revlon Colorstay crayon or L’oreal gel w/ brush)
– Almay One Coat mascara is the best (top lashes only) Intense Black
– blend out any lines and up to the brow with MAC Trek50 Luna Lustre highliter, brush
– light blush in cheek hollows, brush
– use same MAC highlighter around eyes and on cheekbones, brush
– lip pencil
– lip colour applied with brush

TA DAAAAH! That’s it. It takes me about 20 minutes, which I think is a LONG time to beat on my face! LOL

I bought some pricey makeup from MAC and a tarte palette, but overall, I’m not impressed. Miracole gave me some pure MAC pigments and I like those better. The pricey MAC mascara is not as good as Almay, IMO. The Trek 50 MAC collection has totally shitty pigments and it’s all quite dull, despite how it looks in the packaging. The tarte lip pencil tint and lip gloss has NO pigment, absolutely NOT worth the money, IMO. I bought the tarte Grav3yard Girl palette and it’s just OK; none of the eye pigments are as bold as they look in the palette. So I say, buy whatever the fuck you want and don’t feel like more money = better product. That has not been my experience! Revlon has the best foundations for my skin and Physician’s Formula Mineral Wear powders are great for me. I’m not even going to bother paying $45 for some fancy shit that I’ll not like any better. I’m going to stick to MAC pigments, I think, for bold eye colours, tho. The pure pigment is the way to go, despite its $22 each price tag. That shit lasts FOREVER.

That’s my take on pricey makeup and youtube girls! Use what you like. It’s all out of the same vat anyway. MAC is owned by Estee Lauder, FFS. So, whatever. I still love the single shimmer eye shadows from Sally for every day wear. RIP. I loved them so. I hope I can find another brand that looks like the Sally does. Every tutorial says, “DO NOT use shimmer shadows on deep set eyes!”, yet it is the daytime look I like best. So that’s what I wear. Fuck the “experts”! LOL On the advice of Monique Parent, I have bought some Revlon ColorBurst lip stains, Neutrogena Shine Control powder and I picked up a Neutrogena fat pencil lipstick that I really like. They were out of NYX HD powder, so I’ll try that another time. Still on the hunt for a good, light liquid foundation.

UPDATE! I found a VERY liquid foundation that can go from very light coverage to heavy: NYX Total Control. It has a dropper!

Makeup is for fun, so buy what you like and PLAY! :) I wore a teal MAC pigment to a party last week, this is the exact makeup I just described above:

MAC Teal Pigment
MAC Teal Pigment

I do wish my skin was smoother. Sigh. The primer helps, but there’s only so much makeup can do, yanno? Whatever, I’m 51, FUCK IT! I wear what I want! :D