Wil Con 09 aka Phoenix Comic Con

I can see why Wil Wheaton loves this con so much… Um, probably because he’s the Main Attraction! Ha! His panels were too big for the venue, sadly. It was two distinct cons in one; Wil Con, which attracted the comic and sci fi nerds and Squee Con which attracted the Anime Kids. The Anime side of the con had an average age of, oh, 15. Yah. Veeeery irritating after 3 days.

This con is really great overall and I highly recommend it to artists (comic and otherwise). It’s small enough to be intimate and big enough to actually support the cost of a table. Behemoth cons such as San Diego charge so much that making a profit after paying for the booth is highly unlikely. The vendors seemed to have had a very successful con and our pals James and Becky (Little Vampires) said that this is the first con that they’ve made a profit. W00t! BIG SHOUT OUT to Becky and James! They RAWK!

I’d also like to link to Daniel of Monster Commute. He not only makes BEAUTIFUL comics (Monster Haiku!!! Klawberry!!!), he hosts a mean panel! Other panelists should learn from his organised approach. He lives in Phoenix and he a definitely a mover and shaker. You’ll be seeing much more from him in the future.

Nick has posted some video clips of Wheaton and Marina Sirtis as well as some pix for your enjoyment. I think you’ll find them linked from his blog.

Ok, I’ve got to post and log out – ITX is trying to troubleshoot my database sluggishness.