Changing The Dynamic

2023 came in with lots of stress and anxiety for me.

We’ve been using QuickBooks 2019 Mac since, well, 2019 and the file was getting wonky – it was not saving all our work. This file is over a decade old and very large (over 100mb). SO, we got nervous and decided we’d go to the fucking subscription shit, since we had been told there is no more desktop software support for Mac. LIES. So we tried the online crap and it sucked. Not only would the file not import correctly, the whole online interface sucks balls. In our wisdom of trying this over the holidays, Intuit had the file for weeks and we got very behind. I was having anxiety attacks over this. FINALLY, I got a great tech, who told me there are, indeed, versions of QB for Mac available (20, 21, 22!!) and we absolutely do NOT have to go online. The exact opposite of what the sales weasel said. SO. I canceled the online, we got our fixed file back and we’re rocking on. WHEW.

It has become very apparent that Nick can not handle the POAS load that we’ve been trying to carry. So, we have pretty much shut that shit down and will concentrate on MPB, conventions and the MANY project cabinets we need to get done. Between his fibro and new job, he is just not able to do all these things. It was making me very stressed out, too. Our long distance client in Buford has finally found a specialty support company for all the redemption games, so that is off our plate now, too, which is AWESOME. We were SO relieved when the owner said she found a new support company! Redemption games (Claw, Skee Ball, etc.) were never in our wheelhouse to begin with. Now we can concentrate on fixing her logo and doing some graphics for her – IN OUR WHEELHOUSE!

I’m not impressed with the beginnings of 2023 – the Mercury Retrograde has pretty much fucked all that up, but hey, the bar is now low!

I am pretty much caught up with TEV as of today, which eases my anxiety quite a lot. I need to get the anxiety under control, it is disrupting sleep and causing Lil Tummy™ to be so restrictive I can barely eat. Oh, but no weight has been lost because my Irish peasant genes say:

“Dunna ya worry, lass, we’ll keep ya plump as a partridge to outrun those murderous English bastards!!”

Fucking genes. Sigh.

Today I’m feeling pretty much in control and the anxiety is down by, oh, 80%. But did I sleep well last night? Of course not! And I’ll bet that will continue all week. What I really love is sleeping fine the week I was off from the Prep job, and the night before my 8am shift last week, I get zero sleep. AWESOME. My body is a fucking ASSHOLE.

Today I’ll finish striking the xmess tree and packing all that away. I’ll be thinking about what else I want to change about this year while I do it. There are THINGS. Wish me luck!

It’s September already!

And another year is winding down. It’s shocking how fast they go by. Things have seemed a bit smoother since we changed our minds about being stuck here. We’ve remodeled the bathroom and will be changing around all the furniture in an effort to shake up the energy around here. So far, it seems to be working.

We’ve spent a LOT of money in the last coupla months, but it looks like we’ll be making it back shortly, plus a healthy bonus. We have been putting it out to the Universe that if we have to stay here, we want to save and make money as much as possible. The Universe is rewarding us with just that.

DragonCon was fun but exhausting. The artists kept us running pretty much every day, so we didn’t get much actual con time. We hung out at the Marriott Saturday night, but still didn’t see everyone we wanted to see. As usual, the networks were jammed and communication was impossible. We just had to wander around and hope to find people.

I tell you, I’m sick to death of Dekalb Avenue right now, too! After scampering back and forth to downtown about a dozen times over the weekend, I’ve had enough of L5P! I do need to go to Libertine, tho, since they are closing and having a sale.

I’m still playing catch up with chores. Got laundry, bed change and arrange the dining room into a work area. We took down the weight bench and Nick brought me my sewing machine cabinet which can double as a desk. I gotta put felt on all that to protect my floors. I had an area rug in there, but I took that back out because it’s easier to sweep up thread and detritus from hardwoods than a rug. Also: cat puke is easier to clean up as well.

So that’s the state of Casa Mizgala. Things are pretty much the same, but WE have changed our perspective. It’s like the old saying: “If you want to be someone else, change your mind.” We are doing just that. :)