Time to Unload, Unpack and Move On

I have learned a lot in the past 3 years. I’ve taken a risk and gotten VSG surgery, I’ve tried to open a restaurant, failed, and lived through it…

Now I’m tired. Tired to the bone.

I think I’ve reached the time for me to unload some of the angst, anger, frustration and disappointment of the last year and a half. Then maybe unpack some lessons learned.

First of all, let’s go back to the VSG in 2016. THAT was one of the best decisions I’ve EVER made. Nick was working, we had the money, it was ALL GOOD. I’m happy with that move and I’d do it again. Even losing my trusty 1994 Honda Civic EX in 2017 turned out OK, for which I am grateful.

Now let’s move to the end of Nick’s job (Dec 2017) and where we were then.

Nick was making a very good living at NuVision after 20+ years. At the end, he was making $75k. We knew months in advance that the shop was closing – they were down to their last client (Rite Aid), which had been bought by Walgreens. When that shot clock started in mid 2017, we decided to see if we could perhaps roll our existing arcade business into a bigger, more lucrative concept: arcade pub.

We knew we didn’t have the money to start up something like this, so we asked one of Nick’s bosses if he might be interested in investing since NVG was closing, etc. He already owns a bar in Memphis, so we thought he might be amenable. He said he might, so I got to work on a business plan and projections. We had a coupla meetings and he seemed interested, but then he ultimately said no. We think it was actually his WIFE that said no. LOL

So we shelved the idea and Nick continued to close down NVG, which was a MASSIVE job. December of 2017, NVG finally closed for good, Nick got his severance and applied for unemployment.
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Damn you, Oprah!

As is my custom every year as my birthday approaches, I begin to get depressed and anxious. Everyone knows this – especially Nick, my long suffering partner in crime. It’s not too bad this year, but I wouldn’t say I’m great. I guess I’m a 6 out of 10.

Anyway, the Fear and Loathing™ is not horrible, but I’m trying to evaluate my year and figure out how to proceed. It sucks being middle aged. It really, truly SUCKS. I have absolutely nothing good to say about it at all. It’s like you understand TONS more than you used to, but you lose any and all relevance to society and your understanding is therefore moot. Suckage.

This year’s new twist to my navel gazing is that I’ve been recording Oprah’s Life Class. Say what you will about Oprah, but the woman does have a clue. She speaks the truth. I won’t do the online thing, but I’ve been watching the shows and have gotten some valuable input. As well as some cryin’ time. Buh. Yesterday I watched the one about how your upbringing totally colours the way you deal with people. Yup: more cryin’ time. Damn you, Oprah. Continue reading “Damn you, Oprah!”