Atlanta Fish Market

First of all, let me express our enjoyment of Quinn’s birthday party last night! We met some awesome people and had engaging conversation all evening! Shout outs to Matthew & Christina (I hope that’s spelled right) and Erin with her “special” accessories that we <3 so much! ::evil cackle:: It's great to see everyone again!

Now, to the review of Atlanta Fish Market, which is not as positive. The two adjectives that come to mind immediately are overpriced and underwhelming. Which, come to think of it, sort of sums up Buckhead in general IMO.

Pardon the all caps menu descriptions, I copied from their pdf and don’t feel like retyping them. Also, all prices are rounded and approximate since I ran off without the complete receipt – it was 11:30pm and we just wanted the hell out of there! The full blow by blow review is behind the cut at the end of this entry.

We start the evening (around 7pm) having some cheap and severely overpriced wine at the bar. Tab: $64 + $10 tip. The cheap ass (Columbia Valley, no doubt) wine was $7.50/glass and we got ours plus Ken and Quinns. So, $74 spent on cheap wine and we’ve not even ordered. At least in San Francisco or San Diego, the food and booze is of good quality… In Atlanta, it’s just all pretentious presentation of average product.

This is why we do NOT go to Buckhead, ever.

Buckhead is the epitome of pretentious overpriced AVERAGE. Bone’s is one of the few restaurants in Atlanta that you get what you pay for: great service, awesome quality food, great booze. It’s bit overpriced, too, but at least you don’t feel like going back the next day and strangling the staff out of sheer frustration.

For my bucks, I’ll stick with owner operated places like The Porter, Twain’s or Cafe Lily if I want something fancy. I have a deep appreciation for good food prepared perfectly and I am consistently let down by the overblown and pretentious “nice” restaurants in Atlanta.

Trust me, if you want to get your money’s worth in this economy, go no further than your neighborhood eateries. There are gems in every neighborhood if you’ll seek them out. Corporate food will never be as good as owner-chef food as far as I’m concerned. Small businesses are more able to create seasonal dishes and buy locally grown produce. They also care about their customers because every customer counts when you own your own place. Support your local joints! Keep your neighborhood economy vibrant by spending your money locally. :-)
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