Found pic

I was looking through the myriad random photos I’ve got laying around on my Mac and found this one date stamped Feb 21 2004, but it must be before Jan 16, because Dickens died Fri Jan 16 04. I believe it’s the very last pic I have of Dickens and it’s the only pic of all four varmints together. Missy is at the top (noon), then DJ at 3, Dickens at 5 and Bernadette at 9.


Missy was the newcomer. She’d been lurking around the apartment for several months and wormed her way into my heart. When we moved, I just couldn’t leave her behind. Dickens was very ill by this point, which Missy used as an argument that I really would need another cat. She was right.

The cats did not like Missy, of course, because she was new and she’s a diva. But they were so freaked out by the new place that they all put aside their petty differences and slept in the bed together as well as at night with us. YES, it was a tight fit! LOL

This didn’t last long, once they got acclimated, they dispersed to their previous alliances – but I did think it was awfully cute when they all put up with each other in the name of “OMG, where the hell are we???”

Finding this has made me a bit melancholy, but I’m still glad I found it. I

At last!

The holiday crush is over! The food has been eaten, the presents unwrapped and parties have been had. I have to say that I’m partied out! Imagine that, ME partied out! Must mean I’m getting old…

I have a long list of shout outs and thank yous for this season:
– Thanks to all who had parties and invited us!
– Thanks to everyone who gave me presents! I loved each and every thing I got this year! Merci beaucoup!
– It was good to meet (or re-meet) some folks: Shane (aka Brad Pitt), Dave (Derrydown), Kimberly, Hunter and others at the awesome Thinking Man party.
– Shout out to Caroline and Dru. Thanks so much for our lovely Secret Santa gifts! You guys rock!
– Thanks so much to Russ for hosting our own little holiday dinner. We had too much fun and too much food! I think this should be a tradition!
– Thanks to my family for making our visit enjoyable! Also, thanks for the $40 winnings from Texas Hold ’em! Tee hee!
– Thanks to Nick’s family in Detroit and Mancelona for their wonderful gifts! We’re enjoying them already! The kitties are also very pleased with the kitty gifties!

I think that’s all for now. We may or may not go out for New Year’s Eve. We may have a night at home to be thankful for all our blessings and ponder our goals for next year. I think 2005 will hold many changes for me, since it’s a 7 year and that’s my prime number. I hope 2005 will bring ALL of us farther along our path to prosperity and happiness!

Things that honk me off

As everyone knows, my herd of Peeves is legendary. I have many and am always adding to the clan. Well, here is the latest batch of Peeves added to my herd:
1. Tree guys that can’t be bothered to call me back.
2. Bosses that write cryptic emails.
3. Clients who want me to do work until they hear that, OH, I CHARGE FOR THAT. Wankers.
4. People who are friends and know better, but still call me on the cell phone to waste my 25¢ minutes to tell me all about some dumbass chick that I don’t even know nor care to. Very inconsiderate.
5. Uppity Oakhurst land barons who totally dis me and treat me like I’m a complete idiot who couldn’t possibly do something as complex as run a grocery. What an ASSHOLE.
6. Having too many parties all at once when there are 12 months in the goddam year, folks. 12. Let’s spread ’em out a bit next year, ok?
7. Insomnia.
8. Not having all the fucking shopping done yet. I suck.
9. Not having all the shit I do have wrapped. I suck.
10. Did I mention that jerk off Land Baron in Oakhurst? Good.


Awake is being hot, then cold, then hot again.
Awake is tossing and turning.
Awake is AGAIN moving to the couch in search of relief.
Awake is not finding any relief on the couch.
Awake is the realisation that this is another night lost.
Awake is then realising that the following day is lost, too.
Awake is dreaming dreams that go on and on.
Awake is having a poignant dream and sobbing yourself out of the bed.
Awake is feeling like you’re losing your mind one night at a time.
Awake is watching every bit of motivation and life drained out of you.
Awake is the most frustrating ailment on the planet.

**Still relevant in 2015 – A**

Dark Tower Series

It’s hard to talk about this series without spoilers, now that it’s done. It’s been a long time coming and many hours of reading, but overall, I’d have to say I’m satisfied with the way it turns out. I didn’t say happy about it, mind you, but I’m not incensed.

I can understand the rumours of Steve’s retirement after finishing the Dark Tower. I mean, really, how can he EVER top this work? Just about everything he’s ever written has threads into the Dark Tower! He did a nice job of tying up loose ends with many characters and it really felt like he was done with this type of writing for now, anyway. He talks about this in the notes at the end of DT 7.

Of course I would be heartbroken if he never wrote again, but I really don’t think that’s a possibility. It’s his life. His essence. His purpose on this Earth.

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