Tale of the April Fool’s Wedding

So, we decide to thumb our noses at the Universe and get married on April Fool’s day. Boy, did we get ours in spades!! LOL

April Fools Wedding
April Fools Wedding

After much stress and craziness all week, our wedding day arrives and everything is pretty much on schedule. I’m doing some prep work in the kitchen and everything is coming along fine.

We noticed that the toilet was acting clogged, so Nick was in there plunging away. Then the stupid thing appeared to be working, albeit a little oddly. A few minutes later, Nick comes into the kitchen and says ” I can hear the sump pump running when I’m in the office, it must be from the rain yesterday.” Now, I knew it only rained like one quarter of an inch the day before, so that could not be the reason for the pump running…however, a gushing pipe from the toilet certainly could be the reason. I sent him down there and sure enough, there was water gushing from the big pipe out of the toilet.

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