I Survived Captain Trips!

I tested positive after DragonCon this year. Not a shock at all, but an inconvenience.

This current strain is very transmissible, but also pretty mild. It was like a very light flu. I had a low grade fever for about a week with some light congestion and cough.

Nick got it, too, despite his getting a booster right before con. All the booster did for him was make the tests give a false negative. He’s a couple of days behind me in recovery.

I’m on day 9 today. I tested positive yesterday but no fever since Thursday, so I think I’m done. The rules are unclear and most places have given up trying to control the spread. I put off starting the p/t job until I at least had no fever, so with that done, I’ll be starting on Monday. I’ve got a jury summons for Monday as well, but if I get called, they’ll give me a 3 month waiver due to the Covid infection.

I’m happy to have a p/t job – gods know we need the money. Nick is also pursuing two jobs that pay better than MM and are on this side of town. I really hope he gets one of them! Even a buck or two more without an hour long commute would be excellent. [He did! He will start at the new gig on Halloween!]

So, I feel a bit more positive than I have for a while. At least money will be less tight with me bringing in a coupla hundred per week. I got a notice from Macy’s Northlake that they want to hire me, but I think I’ll go with TJX even tho there’s a commute. For some reason, that store appeals to me. WE SHALL SEE. LOL I give it 2 weeks before they get on my last nerve. [YEP, 2 weeks is all I could stand. The horrible management did me in. After being accused of riding the clock, then grilled about how long it takes me to pee and poop, I WALKED. No more retail for me, it has become less desirable than fucking fast food. UGH. I began a prep job instead and I love it. See next post!]

That’s the state of the Weasels on this fine September day. Mercury Rx has been a bitch, but hopefully it will not interfere with Nick’s job hunt. It didn’t hurt mine. We will likely drive to Buford tomorrow to fix a game at the skating rink. It’s been put off due to the plague. Need to get that out of the way. Then we need to get the bathroom painted. It is disgusting with mold growth despite our best efforts. Sigh.

So I can definitely say “I Survived Captain Trips” now! I’ll wear my shirt with pride! LOL Get yours at Tee Public!