Never Trust a Realtor™

I just had an altercation with a Realtor™ on FB. I’d posted about our experience being fucked over by the mortgage industry and ESPECIALLY fucking Realtors™ in both residential and commercial. (We all remember the asshole Realtor™ who went leaf peeping rather than help us with the pub lease. When called out for abandoning us, he got pissy and I told him to go fuck himself. RIGHTLY SO.)

This FB person then proceeds to post a list of all the nice things they have done as proof that THEY are not to blame for the real estate mess and neither are their Realtor™ friends. Because my hatred of the real estate and mortgage industry is CLEARLY a personal attack. ??

So your Realtor™ and mortgage industry friends aren’t to blame? ORLY?

Who made the crash happen in 08/09? Mortgage companies and the stock market.
Who happily sold every starter home (and other abandoned homes) for pennies on the dollar to corporate rental/investment groups? Realtors™.
Who happily BOUGHT a significant number of these defaulted properties to start their own little landlord fiefdom? Realtors™.
Who locked down the home lending so that only the very rich or the very desperate (read: poor) will go for the shit loans offered? The mortgage industry.
Who benefitted the most from the mass mortgage defaults and buying up properties for rental? THE SAME MOTHERFUCKERS LISTED ABOVE.

SO, tell me again why you and your ilk are NOT to blame for this bullshit? This is called monetization of basic housing and the US is being decimated by it. Here is a NYT article about trailer parks and manufactured housing!! Yes, trailer parks are ALSO being bought up and “monetized” by the rich! THIS IS REAL!!

They also insist that THEY can get loans for anyone! They got a loan for someone with a 560 credit score!! (Credit scores are another bit of bullshit that I’ll rant about another time.) Oh? How about someone with TWO bankruptcies? Hmm? Can you magically coerce a mortgage company to finance US? Answer: NO. NO, they cannot. Because they don’t have any idea about LOSING everything and being dumped into a low paying entry level job. They can’t do a fucking thing for us, but got totally in a knot when I challenged that belief.

I just love how well off people will get defensive when called on their bullshit. This person shills real estate and who knows what their spouse does, but I’ll betcha THEY have a fat retirement fund and NO WORRIES. (This is a guess, but by the overall demeanor of this person, I sense that they are doing just fine and don’t understand what all the fuss is about. I have no proof of their status, but they are reacting like typical well off folks – with defensiveness.) It’s awesome to be written off as “just an angry person” by someone with life set to EASY MODE. WE ARE SICK OF IT. If you think that it’s just US – you are DELUSIONAL. There are FAR MORE people just barely hanging on than there are with two homes and a fat IRA. I PROMISE.

If you really believe that the housing industry and the overall economy is fine, you need to educate yourself in a bad way.

We have gambled and lost. We gambled on the Maplehurst house: lost. We gambled BIG on the pub: lost. Now we are struggling to pay the bills with Nick’s shitty $19/hr job (with 25+ years experience!!).

Unless YOU have experienced this kind of LOSS at the age of 50+, then please do NOT lecture me about how great and fair the system is. IT IS NOT.

Especially now!! It is run by rich real estate companies and richer mortgage companies. And let’s not forget the private mortgage insurance companies, who are now making bank thanks to every single loan requiring PMI.

With our current bankruptcy due to the pub, we won’t “qualify” for a mortgage loan for another 8 years or so. I WILL BE IN MY 60s!!! Nevermind that we manage to pay $1600/mo RENT and have decent credit scores. Oh, that doesn’t matter, we are clearly assholes who can’t afford a mortgage that is significantly less than rent. OH NO. We are not good enough because we got FUCKED and continue to get fucked by the very people who hold all the cards. It wouldn’t matter if our credit scores were PERFECT! We would NOT “qualify” for a loan with a bankruptcy, period. How do I know? I HAVE TRIED IT ALREADY.

So, YEAH Realtor™ person. Yes, I guess we ARE angry. And TIRED. And sick of having no foreseeable future other than working shitty jobs and barely paying the bills. We are stuck in this untenable situation and just have to make it work.

I am NOT SORRY for feeling the way I feel. This is our reality. We have to deal with it every goddam day. I am also NOT SORRY for calling out delusional people who think all’s well. IT IS NOT.

Sorry for another bummer post. I’ll try to find something positive to write about, I promise! If people would just stop being so fucking idiotic and pissing me off… Well, if I wait for that, hell will be frozen, so I promise next post will be something good. Maybe some lovely food. How about that?