Synagogue Shooting and Ignorance

Y’all know I’ve got no love for E TN or the red South in general, but since the synagogue shooting, I’ve been reminded of something from elementary school.

I have no idea why, but we had a whole section of a year where we studied Judaism. Like a few weeks. We studied all about the faith, we did crafts (I made a Jewish star handkerchief – wish I still had it!) and had a menorah and everything. All this in racist E TN! I’ve always been shocked to hear of the racism towards Jews, I guess because I studied Judaism when I was young. To me, it’s always been just another religion (although I know it’s MUCH more than that to the Tribe).

While I’ll never know the subtleties of Judaism, I know the main tenets and I enjoyed learning about it as a kid. I wish my Jewish friends Shanah Tovah and Happy Hannukah – I even know what “sitting shiva” means.

So, once AGAIN, I assert that if kids are taught about different religions and different cultures and different foods when they are young, they’ll be a LOT less likely to be an ignorant racist hillbilly when they grow up. Knowledge is power and knowledge also erases fear of the unknown…because you know things. Lots of things are scary if you don’t understand them! I credit a lot of my fearlessness to being an information junkie.

America has allowed its citizenry to fall into ignorance in a very widespread way. The public school system is failing to teach, well, ANYTHING that I can discern. This failure of a core system is the very thing that has led to the hateful, ignorant masses who are afraid of everyone because they are so horribly incapable of logical thought and they’ve been taught nothing about history. If you don’t know what fascism is, it’s hard to see it.

When you are raised in a 10 mile radius and never step outside your peers and don’t have the intellect to read about other views, you’ll be an ignorant hillbilly. Plain and simple.

The public school system has failed. It is nothing more than a babysitter that teaches how to take a multiple choice test. The dropout rate in the US is only surpassed by five other developed countries! (2015 article from PBS.) And I say that no matter the rates, kids are NOT getting a well rounded, UNBIASED education in the first place.

And again, I must point to college as the answer to the insufficient primary/secondary school offered by the government. While I don’t feel that college is for everyone and the trades are VERY valuable, I do feel that college can fill in many holes left by half assed government education. Private schools are not accessible to most of the population, which is why I think that government schools should be held to higher standards. And I DON’T mean standardized tests, which are 100% bullshit.

The ESSA law signed in by Obama in 2015 is carrying on the No Child Left Behind act that came before it. At least he tried.

I truly feel sorry for the masses who send their kids to school, assuming they are being taught basic history, reading comprehension, mathematics, art and literature. They are not. They are being taught that the Native Americans “chose to move” to allow for white settlement. They graduate High School reading at a fifth grade level. They are taught fucked up “new math” that makes no sense. Art and music classes were cut long ago. Literature is barely skimmed.

College classes are the only cure available for the lack of education in primary and secondary schools. And college is out of reach for most kids nowadays. And, I’m sad to say, even colleges have succumbed to standardized testing.

Which is why we are a country full of ignorant, uneducated hillbillies. We’ve allowed this to happen. We can stop it, but it won’t be easy. All we can do is VOTE against ignorance and RESIST letting the mob of hillbillies rule this country.

Don’t think for an instant that a synagogue shooting has nothing to do with you. And don’t think that sending troops to the border to shoot people who throw rocks has nothing to do with you, either. These are fascist acts. Don’t wait until the jackboot is on YOUR throat. Because it will be if the majority (hillbillies) keep their Cheeto in office. Those who oppose him and his MAGAts will be next. That means you and me. It’s not just Jews and women. It will be anyone who dares to vote blue. This is how fascism starts. #RESIST

Anthony Bourdain RIP (6.25.56 – 6.8.18)

I am heartbroken at the loss of Bourdain. He was one of the most honest, no bullshit chefs out there. He was also a really good memoir writer.

I really hate that the depression (or whatever it was) got to him and he decided to end it. I uphold his right to do so, but I don’t like losing his unique voice in the food industry. He’s one chef I’d have LOVED to share a meal and a drink with.

Between this and losing sleep with stress and insomnia, it’s been a rough week.

I’m just going to keep cooking, keep planning for the pub and keep MOVING. As Tony once said:

“If I’m an advocate for anything, it’s to move. As far as you can, as much as you can. Across the ocean, or simply across the river. The extent to which you can walk in someone else’s shoes or at least eat their food, it’s a plus for everybody.

Open your mind, get up off the couch, move.”

– Anthony Bourdain

So, this is happening…

Remember over two years ago when we were hot to trot about opening a pub? Well, we have made that dream come true!

When Nick’s job ended and I began at Krobar, we really didn’t know what we’d do. One of Nick’s bosses had expressed interest in funding our pub idea, but then backed out. I was over it and figured I’d just work this shitty Kroger job and try not to get fired. Nick was over it, too.

One day, Nick was tooling around the intertubes, looking at various funding sites, etc., and he came across this thing called the ROBS Program from the IRS. There are several companies who administer them, but Nick contacted Guidant Financial.

When he told me about this Wile E Coyote plan, I was skeptical. Plus, it costs $5k to put it in place and $139/mo administration fees forever after that. But we discussed it and then had a call with a sales weasel from Guidant and after more discussion, we decided to do it.

What ROBS is, is a plan – fully backed by the IRS – that allows you to take your 401k money, roll it into a NEW 401k under your company name, then dump that money into your C corporation bank account. No penalties or fees, other than the $5k you pay Guidant to manage all the paperwork. They issue you “stock” for the $5k, so it’s sort of refunded.

Long story short: we now have $107,681.95 in the IndigoDragon Inc. bank account and we can now start looking for commercial real estate. :) (You can’t look at commercial real estate until you engage a realtor, and for that, you gotta have fat stacks in the bank. Now we do!!)

There are myriad rules when dealing with ROBS and the C corporation, but so far, Guidant support has been good. Dealing with a C corporation rather than the standard LLC or S corp that most small businesses use is a huge PITA, and we’ll get taxed twice (once on the corp and once on our income), but it is a strict rule and it’s the price we’ll pay until we can get out from under the ROBS program. I’m hoping 2-3 years and we can buy out of it and be on our own. But in any case, we are funded, and…

I’m making the announcement:


We are putting literally every bit of money we have into this project. We eat/sleep/breathe it. It’s all we talk about. Midlife crisis FTW!

I’ve quit the Krobar and shout out to Doug, Thaddeus, Cheri, Aaron, Miranda and everyone who made my last day a BLAST! Man, we had some fun up in the Krobar yesterday! LOL No adult supervision! Wheeeee! Ended up staying on for a bit longer, but they reduced the hours of the bar when I was off for Momo, so I did quit. The wine steward is out of that hellhole, too. FUCK KROGER.

If any of you would like to keep up with our progress on the bar, please follow the Player One Arcade Services FB page. Hopefully I can change the name again and use this page, but I’m not sure, since it’s been changed before. In any case, all announcements and news will be posted on the current FB page and the website. There are benefits to following along early, such as dry run invitations (FREE food and booze!), helping me create the menu and bar (I LOVE INPUT!) and being on our Friends and Family supporter list (discounts and perks!)! Come on over, give us a follow and let’s DO THIS!

Haiku for Stephen Hawking RIP 3/14/18

We lost Professor Hawking today, March 14, 2018. I think he’d be pleased to pass on Pi Day. RIP, Prof Hawking. You made a difference and you’ll live forever thanks to your amazing mind!

SH posted on FB, asking for scientific themed haikus. The winner gets a copy of his book and personal inscription. Here’s mine:

Light older than Earth
Shimmering beyond ages
Stars are forever

I love me some haiku!

International Women’s Day

In honour of this auspicious day, I offer you a judgmental rant. I am not sorry. Several things have set me off, so let’s start with the IWD stuff and then move to other issues that piss me off.

For this IWD, the Day Without a Woman movement is taking place. The idea is that women take the day off, don’t work, don’t buy anything, don’t cook, etc., and we all wear red. Now, while I agree that this is a lovely idea and I support it, I will still do the shit I need to do today. I’ve got obligations. I’ve got chores. And they will get done because I feel good today for the first time in a week, so I’ve got to carpe diem, yanno?

I’ve seen several women on FB (not MY friends, but comments on others’ posts) apologizing for not being able to take the day off, not shop, whatever. It is annoying that women feel obligated to APOLOGIZE for getting shit done just because it’s a “cause” day that asks you to not do anything. It’s just an idea! If you got shit to do, DO IT and stop apologizing. I think that the whole idea is to do what you can for the cause, but do NOT apologize for doing or NOT doing any damn thing on any damn day. RIGHT? ARGH.

Next, I’d like to slap the clueless bitches all over FB who are asking “What is all this wearing red about?”. Really? REALLY? You’re on FB every damn day and you’ve managed to miss International Women’s Day and the associated movement? You are an idiot and you need to have your woman card revoked. PAY ATTENTION for chrissakes!!

And finally, I’d like to air my feelings on women (partners of any gender) who fail at homemaking. You know the ones. The ones who “stay home with the children”, but do absolutely nothing. They claim to be busy with the children, but in reality, they sit on their asses all day playing games or riding around doing Ingress/Pokemon. They don’t clean the house, they don’t do laundry, they don’t cook, they literally do nothing. This makes me RAGEY. And YES, by the gods, I JUDGE THEM.

When I see a man complaining about all the stuff he has to do such as laundry, dry cleaning, getting shoes repaired, etc. and he’s got a woman at home, this makes me apoplectic with rage (you can change the gender on that to any configuration). WTF is wrong with someone who stays home every day and offers ZERO support for their spouse who works full time? How can you do that? How can you sit around in your own filth with laundry literally in mountains all over your house and do nothing? HOW?? It is the most selfish, mean, trifling bullshit I’ve ever heard.

I don’t care if you have 6 kids or NONE, if you are at home or work less than your partner, get OFF your lazy ass and KEEP HOUSE. My house ain’t spotless by any means, but by gods you don’t have to worry about ptomaine from my kitchen or be afraid to use the bathroom or see mountains of laundry coming out of the laundry room!! There is absolutely ZERO excuse for this! ZERO. Just because you’ve reproduced does not mean that you are no longer responsible for keeping your shit clean and straight. It’s a responsibility issue, not a time management issue.

I totally understand that some people are raised in filth and they honestly do NOT see it. Which is why it’s even sadder when they have kids, because they are raising another generation of filthy people. My grandmother and mother kept clean houses. I am naturally a clean person who likes ORDER and so does Nick. Keeping house for us is just a normal daily routine. ANYONE CAN LEARN TO DO THIS. Nick wasn’t raised in a neat clean house, but his sister in law (with whom he lived for a while) taught him to keep house. (Thanks Melinda!!) You can choose to be an adult. Try it, you might actually like it.

My brother, raised by the same clean mother that I was raised by, is a total PIG. He lives in filth with paths around all the shit in the floor. I don’t understand why it takes in some people but not in others, but I do think there is some choice involved. My brother chooses to live like a pig and takes zero responsibility for it. Part of this due to my father, who was raised in filth and does not believe in doing housework of any sort because that is the woman’s job – HELLO, 19fucking50 called and they want their bullshit back. My father never cleaned a dish, cooked a meal, washed a shirt, took out the trash or mowed the lawn. He is also a home builder and he never repaired SHIT around the house. He did absolutely nothing to keep the household running other than making money. Gee, I wonder why my mother burned out and finally said “FUCK IT!”? I saw this shit go down and I decided then that I’d NEVER put up with that kind of bullshit. You live here, you’ll do some chores, that’s IT. Same for brats: they should do household chores as soon as they are able. Teach them to clean up after themselves and it will be a lifetime habit. My mother did not do this because she has control issues. That likely contributes to my brother’s inability to adult.

A partnership is a partnership, be it marriage or whatever. This goes for all couples, no matter the gender. If you live with someone, you are obligated to help keep the place livable. YES working full time should mean that you have a far shorter list of things to do around the house, but it shouldn’t mean you do nothing. And vice versa, if you are the one staying home, then your list of household chores will be MUCH longer than the person working full time. Why is this so hard to understand? This is equitable. You don’t like it? Get a job and/or get a maid. Easy.

I absolutely do NOT take issue with doing most of the housework. I’m home, I should do it. And Nick has no issue if I ask him to clean the gnarly shower sometimes. Hell, he cleans it better than I do!! He also has no qualms about his short list of chores. It’s equitable.

So this is my Women’s Day rant. If your house is a filthy pigsty with laundry mountains, then how about you GROW A VAG and clean that shit UP? Woman up for chrissakes! This goes for DUDES who are stay at home, too. Do your part! It’s the nicest thing you can do for your partner. I know Nick appreciates the things I do. He tells me so. And don’t forget that, too: tell your partner how much you appreciate what they do. It matters.

Oh and Happy International Women’s Day. :P