Nov 2nd Looms

And there is not a decent choice to be had. What to do, what to do?

I’m SO OVER this election I could just puke! Everyone knows I hate the Shrub (as Caroline so aptly calls him) and I think Kerry is just as out of touch – only in different areas. The Shrub called it “the internetS”, yes, with an S. What a fucking moron. Kerry hasn’t attempted any talk about such newfangled things as the internet, most likely because he is just as clueless as W.

I’m loathe to vote 3rd party because the race is so close. Not that it will matter anyway, thanks to the Electoral College who will vote Republican for this state no matter what the hell I vote. It’s SO demoralizing. Oh, and GA got two MORE EC votes this year, too, WHOOPEE.

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Who’s in Charge?

I read an op-ed piece today in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that got me to thinking about politics and who really runs this country. The piece was not written by any of the dumbasses who work for the AJC, but it was a piece lifted from the New York Times and [inexplicably] renamed for use in the AJC. The article’s proper title is “A War for Us, Fought by Them” by William Broyles Jr.

Anyway, the piece was about the supposed support for a protracted war in the Middle East and whose children are being offered up to fight it. In a nutshell, Broyles rightly accuses the elite of avoiding military service and the elite-run government of this country of avoiding personal responsibility for this ongoing warmongering by avoiding bringing back the draft.

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Gawd, I really hate being in the South! Not that that is any news, but with the current ruckus over the 10 Commandments being in courthouses, I just wanna scream! The flap in Alabama has bled over into Georgia, so now Barrow, Habersham and Jackson counties are all wanting to INSERT the 10 Commandments into their Courthouses and other judicial venues!! Yes, if they don’t have them now, they want to ADD them. Fucking dumbass Southern Chrisitians! I was watching the news coverage of this idiocy and I jotted down some quotes from a couple of the morons who are doing the protesting.

“They [those who want separation of church and state] should not be able to dictate our religion.”
“Those atheist God-haters shouldn’t have a say in this.”

Oh yeah, these people are really on top of it, aren’t they? How removing a religious document from a judicial venue is dictating anyone’s religion is beyond me! Those pesky people who wrote the Constitution really didn’t mean to separate church and state – it had worked so well for them in England… As for the atheists, that one really made me laugh! Yep, fuck those non-Christians! If they ain’t worshippin’ OUR God, then they ain’t worth shit!

It’s embarrassing to live in the South with its racist, bible-thumping, narrow minded, ignorant masses. I wish that the media would give more coverage to those of us with a brain! But, hey, that wouldn’t be nearly as newsworthy, would it?

Terrorism as a Marketing Tool

So, here we are, in year 2 of the Second Generation of the Bush Reich. Dubya has decided that everyone else can fuck themselves because we’re going to war, dammit! He’s also decided that Alan Greenspan is full of shit and therefore should just shut up about the Bush Plan to Save the Economy by Giving Tax Breaks to My Rich Friends and Leaving a Deficit for the Rest of You Poor Schmucks To Clean Up for Years to Come. [Turns out Greenspan was an idiot as well. -A 2015]

Well, here’s my theory: Terrorism as a Marketing Tool. Bush and his Daddy’s cronies are using the fear of terrorism to get every stinking thing they want. National ID Cards? Sure! Deficit spending and lowering tax revenue (Reaganomics)? Sure! Kick Saddam’s ass and take his oil? Sure! Wreck the environment and take away abortion rights? Sure! Piss off the whole world and tell them to fuck off? Sure! Allow N. Korea to arm itself and produce more weapons to sell because we’re too busy with the Bush Family’s Saddam obsession? Sure! All they have to do is holler TERRORISM and the American people abandon all sensibilities and cower in the corner clutching their duct tape. GeeDubya is a sneaky, manipulative little bastard who is using September 11 to its ultimate advantage. Am I the ONLY person in this country full of American Idol watching idiots who sees this?

I mean, come on, people, we’re being suckered! To all of you who are making duct tape and plastic manufacturers come in their pants: YOU ARE STUPID. YOU ARE CATTLE. Do you really think that The Terrorists (capital T’s) give a rat’s ass about your piece of shit home in the ‘burbs? Hell no, they don’t! They’d have to target YOU specifically to expose you to any significant amounts of anything. Dumbasses.

Dubya and his cronies have run rampant over so many things that were right in this country! How the hell is trashing what little environmental controls that we have going to stop The Terrorists? How is taking away our civil liberties going to stop The Terrorists? (I’m sitting here wondering if writing this will get me a visit from the fucking feds! How fucked up is that??) How is taking over Iraq going to stop The Terrorists? Answer: it’s NOT! Wake UP!

It’s marketing and spin. It’s the thing that politicians do best: use the public’s fickle emotions to get what they want. Dubya, et. al. are playing the public like a violin, baby. If you don’t believe that, then you need to learn to read and pay attention. Here are a couple of my favourite quotes from past leaders (you dumb ones will need a dictionary):

“Liberty cannot be preserved without a general knowledge among the people.” — John Adams
“Arbitrary power is most easily established on the ruins of liberty abused to licentiousness.” — George Washington

It’s the classic diversion tactic used for generations by thieves. The easily led public has been diverted by the magic word terrorism. While everyone is running around buying duct tape and plastic and studying How-To videos a là 1960 (Duck and Cover, anyone??), the economy is in the crapper and we’re about 2 inches from a full scale war. But is anyone concerned? Nah, we gotta get home and seal ourselves in so The Terrorists won’t get us. While GeeDubya stirs shit and wreaks havoc, his minions make sure to mention the word terrorist in every statement made to the public to keep that panic level high enough to distract from their lies and manipulations. Dubya has even alluded that he knows more about economics than Greenspan, so everyone should ignore Greenspan and listen to him, because he is just positive that his deficit spending is the way to go. It worked for Uncle Ronnie, didn’t it? Yeah, baby, yeah, what a blast from the past!

He can say anything, anything at all and all he has to do is say TERRORISM after it and no one remembers anything that was said before TERRORISM. It’s like some fucked up hypnotic trance thing. Or brainwashing. Jesus god, thinking about all this is sickening. Day after day I read the paper and it feels like it can’t really be happening. I mean, it’s soooo obviously stupid and Dubya is such a slime and I don’t agree with one iota of any of it, but it’s happening anyway. And the public is eating it up. Dubya’s megalomania and imperialism is staggering, yet no one seems to notice.

Oops, I guess I forgot the magic word. Silly me, no wonder I’m so bothered.

Stoopid President tricks

[And these days, I have to say: YES Duhbya, I MISS YOU! ::sob:: -A, Oct 2017 during the Reign of the Stoopid, Lord Dampnut, Prince of Cheetos.]


Argh! And today I get to listen to GeeDubya blather on about how ‘things will get done now’. Oh. God. Does this worry anyone besides me? His news conference was dotted with idiotic statements from him and confused pauses while he tried to figure out what was being asked and/or how he was going to lie. He is such a horrible speaker.

I just checked CNN, FoxNews and ABCnews and not one, not one of them even picked up on the totally haughty attitude that Bush consistently presents to the world. It’s always played down in the press, but it’s important, dammit! He is destroying what little political goodwill we have in the world every time he opens his big fat mouth. He said the following things today, when questioned about what the UN thinks about our (read: HIS) quest for war in the Middle East (I’m not a transcriptionist, so the words may be off a little, but no more than the misquotes I just read at

“I don’t spend a lot of time finding out what other countries think. I just go with my feelings.”

“I don’t take cues from anybody…That’s just the way I lead.” – G.W. Bush press conference 7 Nov 02

Oh. My. God. He is an imperialistic, sabre rattling, manipulative bully that now has this country’s apparent endorsement to bully and coerce whoever the hell he pleases. We are fucked, people. FUCKED. He has more tax cuts planned (more deficits), another middle eastern war, and to top it all off, he’ll get to have Republican judges all over the place who will further remove our civil liberties. And don’t forget about taking away our abortion rights. Oh, but hey, the old fuckers who voted all the Republicans in don’t give a rat’s ass about any of that. They just want gas for their Cadillacs, no taxes and free healthcare. Well, join the motherfucking club, you assholes. And I didn’t mention anything about the corpse (Cheney) running with GeeDubya in 2004. Whoo, big surprise there…God, I really hate politics. And I really hate the direction that this country is headed in. It’s bad for all of us.