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Meet Romeo!

It’s been an interesting month here at the Weasel Lair. Losing Rhonda was shocking and sucked, but as with most things, where there is suck, there will soon be celebration. I believe the Universe strives for balance.

After losing Rhonda, we came back here and I started poking around to see what few stick […]

RIP Rhonda Honda 1994-2017

I met my little red Honda in 1995. A bubble headed blonde girl in Knoxville was selling her because her husband had two cars and hers was an extra and had the largest payment. The Honda had about 20k miles on her, if I recall. I paid about $11k for her, which was below loan […]

Once again, life goes on…

I got Missy’s ashes back yesterday. I put her in the pretty purple urn I found on ebay. I put her collar on top, like I do for all of my cats. Below is a shot of the memorial shelf with paw impressions on the left, then DJ in green, Missy in purple and Dickens […]

Missy Kat: Dec 2003 – Aug 10, 2016

Today, we say goodbye to our old girl, Missy Kat. She has been on a steep decline in the last month and today she can’t even get up, so our vet is coming here is meeting us at the clinic to put her out of her misery this afternoon. She was unconscious all day, and […]

All my jobs!

This is a FB thing, but I think it’s interesting, so here is my checkered list of jobs in my 50 years (I’m sure I missed some)!

Knoxville Shoney’s server Quincy’s line girl Long John Silvers cod girl (f/t morning prep, got my first apt. Ca. 1985?) Domino’s phones, cook, delivery Chili’s server American […]