I adore the subliminal messages people send via FB posts. Someone is not happy with my recent Calling Them Out for Their Shit and is posting meme after meme about how friendship should be nonjudgemental and forever supportive. Uh huh.

WELL, I’d like to counter that message with this one:

Friendship is a two way street. Saying NOTHING, lying by omission and ONLY contacting me when money or other support is needed is not fair and is not friendship. That is using me as a lifeline without bothering to be an actual friend.

We have spent literally YEARS supporting this friend with money, time, our sweat (moving every 6 months) and even allowing them to live here. YET, I am the bad guy for being TIRED OF IT. I should do MOAR! I should just take the bullshit and NEVER EVER question WTF is going on! How dare I insinuate that there could possibly be any subterfuge from a person who has been batshit crazy and lying to everyone for YEARS? I am so unreasonable!!

I am the bad guy for daring to ask for DETAILS about what is going on (this time, yet again, always a drama). I ask, knowing full well that I’ll never hear the full story, because this person is always in desperation mode and can’t really tell the full truth any more. Yet, at least an attempt to talk to me would be refreshing. But no, it’s all my fault because I’m so mean.

I get tired of people saying “well, you are a little harsh”. YES, when I’m sick of being played, YA DAMN SKIPPY. If you think that demanding to be treated fairly and not lied to is harsh, then yeah. If you think that giving passes is the best way to help people, then yeah, I’m harsh because I DO NOT feel that being used to prop up a friend’s bad decisions and addictions is a good thing. They need someone to pop that bubble and try to snap them out of it. Isn’t that what friends DO?

Yep, I’m a terrible person. Just ask anyone. I never do anything for anyone. It’s a mystery why I always have people owing me money, isn’t it?



Some days, it’s just not worth chewing through the straps.

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