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So, that happened…

As I said in the previous post, I’m not writing much about the pub in this space, mostly because I have a LOT to bitch about and FB is private, so I can name names and whinge unencumbered. And I do.

What I can say is that there is much activity at the pub space and I think we just might make our June opening target. So, YAY for that. I promise, once this bitch is open, I’ll post a HUGE essay of what it was like to do this crazy thing. And I’ll name names, too, once I can. Fuck these people that have been nothing but hindrances and/or naysayers. My current motivational poster:

BUT, we hit a BIG snag. Nick fell off a ladder (here at home, not there) and grabbed at an aluminum stud and RUINED his left (dominant) hand on Thursday. All four fingers were lacerated, it took 37 stitches to close them up and the ring finger has a severed tendon that will require surgery Monday. He also sprained the SHIT out of his right ankle. Of course, I have no idea what all this will cost, since the hospital won’t give you any information when you leave. Fuckers. AND to further irritate, you have DRIVE back to the hospital to pick up the goddam bill, since the moronic HIPPA rules will not allow using technology like it’s the 21st century. Hello, 1985 called and they want their medical records back. IDIOTIC.

I do know that the orthopedic surgeon costs $375 to walk through the door.

We are broke, personally. We’ve still got money for the pub (we cannot use any money in the pub acct for our own expenses), but it’s tight, too. So, yeah, medical bills are JUST WHAT WE NEED right now. Sigh. We do have AFLAC accident insurance, tho, so it’ll be mitigated somewhat.

No worries, tho, these motherfuckers will WAIT for their money like everyone else. My first priority (aside from getting Nick back on his feet and such) is getting my pub open. Everything else will wait. Period.

So the stress levels are ridic. Nick is seriously injured. The pub is halfway built (4 months late) and I’m a hot mess.

2019 can EAT A DICK.

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