Bariatric Diet Recipes

I think I’m going to use my cooking skills to create some bariatric recipes. The crap given to me by the nutritionist is horrible. I don’t know what in the hell they teach nutritionists in school, but good eating isn’t it. I remember the dietician giving Dave his dialysis diet, which had to be low in potassium and fluids as well as diabetic safe. It was crap. She had him eating grapes as a snack – ALL SUGAR!! He was never once put on a low carb diet for diabetes. NEVER. Which is probably why he died at 48. He ate a horrible diet for as long as I knew him – about 20 years.

Anyway, I figure since I’m going to be making tons of soups and soft foods for myself, I may as well share them with everyone else. You know my food will taste great, no matter if it’s liquid or soft!!

I’m also going to do a vlog to document my experience. Why not? The best information I got was from a vlog, but the chick was 15 years younger than I am. I think if a 50 year old makes a vlog about bariatric surgery, perhaps it might appeal to older women.

In any case, I’m going to do the recipes as their own section and make the vlog as I go along. I hope it helps someone else with getting gastric sleeve.

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  1. I will certainly be following the recipes. I’ve made a few of yours with good results. I should send you my version of Greek lemon soup. Everyone in my house gobbles it like crack.

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