Happy Thanksgiving!

I’ve had a head cold for 10 days now. It’s in its last stages but I’m ragged out. I called and told the family that we’re not coming up there this weekend. I just can’t face the damn Black Friday traffic and the bullshit.

We’re scheduled to go the following weekend of Dec 5. It’s like a bandaid, you just gotta yank it off and be done with it. Bleh.

Got the LLC going for Player One and got my EIN (Fed Employer ID Number for payroll taxes). Talked with the broker yesterday and looked at the property again. Rob went with me and overall, he gave it a good bill of health, other than it being “big”. The previous owners walked out and left EVERYTHING. That place is CRAMMED with kitchen equipment, smallwares, you name it. On top of that, we got into two of the three trailers of shit in the back lot to find MOAR bar equipment, dozens of boxes of glassware, all the patio furniture and who knows what else in the third trailer. The door was stuck on that one, so we couldn’t see. Overall, it’s shocking how much CRAP is in this place. But it’s good, because it’s looking more and more like a true turnkey, outfitted right down to the plates. Crazy!

We’ve also decided that the SBA and other banks can suck it. Nick reminded me that we can borrow against our 401k to the tune of $25k, so there ya go. We have the money to get started on a shoestring. All together we have about $46k of available funds between cash, 401k loan and credit cards. WE CAN DO THIS. We can get started up with a small menu and small bar, then ramp up with a Kickstarter. Why not? Several other restaurants have done this successfully in ATL. IT WILL WORK.

It’s been very exciting to realise that we don’t need the help of asshole banks. FUCK THEM. Nick and I have very wide self sufficiency streaks and this suits us just fucking fine. We want to make it or break it on our own terms. Even if this fails and we have to pay back the 401k loan ourselves, the payments are wee and it won’t hurt us that badly.

And finally: Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Rob’s smoking us a turkey breast and I’m going to make smashed garlic potatoes with gravy, cranberry compote, brussels sprouts hash, peas w/ onions and a bourbon pecan pie. :)

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  1. Yeah, fuck the banks. Not like they’ve done you any favors in the recent past. Sounds like you guys have a good plan, and having all those goods right there in the property is fantastic. Wish I could jump in and invest, but I’m trying to figure out what to do about my own debtload right now…!

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