Official Heroes Con post

For those of you who are not paying attention, Heroes was our first big con behind the table. It was STELLAR! We had the best time and met the most awesome people! I’ll put the pix in Gallery later today and I’ll add the link here.

Thursday load-in
We got in late (what else is new?) and schlepped our stuff to our table. We don’t have much stuff, so it was a quick job but it was hot and we were a sweaty mess afterward. We then adjourned to the room for showers and beer.

Friday: First day
Friday started off with a bit of stress. The Think Weasel! site was down again with database errors and we discovered that the Hilton network dunces had blocked our hardware from the network due to “excessive bandwidth usage” – riiiight, since the Mac was asleep all night. So we got the wifi sorted then got the site sorted and got to the con late. But it was ok since Friday was a bit slow. One big thing did happen: Michael Golden bought THREE TShirts from us!! SQUEEE!! That made the whole con, I tell ya!

We also met our booth block mates Jay Fife, Acid PopTart and fitness model Jamie Eason. We LOVE you guys!! I’m going to request that we get in the same block again next year! FUN!!

Our next door neighbors were Chris Hamer (Urbnpop) and Mike Groves. Both are tattoo boys who also do some awesome art here in the Atlanta area (Mike is in Athens).

Saturday & Sunday
Saturday is the big day at Heroes. It was busy and we met lots of awesome peeps! Shout outs to our fans Poindexter, Little John & Pat (@littlejohn312) and everyone who stopped by! Leave comments w/ your contact info, would ya?

We interviewed with Chuck Moore of Comic Related on Saturday. We adore the CR guys and we were so happy to be able to re-do our interview from last year! We had a blast, yo!

The Westin lobby was THE place to be last year, but they raised the prices about 30% this year so it was lame. $10 for wine, $15 for a mixed drink? Really? SHAME on you, Westin. They totally ruined the lobby party. Sad.

We also hung out with Karalynn and Crystalanna (I hope I spelled that right! I need your contact info!!), Chris Flick, Shelley & Mike, and Eric. Great to see everyone!

We made some new friends as well! Echo Chernik is one awesome and HAWT lady who makes truly beautiful art! We got Five Bar Swallowtail framed for our bedroom. I also got to meet Erika Moen who does (did, it has ended) the DAR webcomic. I fangirled her to death. Sorry, Erika! Don’t be afraid, I’m not a stalker!! :)

We intended to go to the BBQ meet n greet after the show on Sunday, but we were WIPED. We sat in the hotel, ordered room service and drank. We’ll try to attend next year, promise!

And for everyone I’m forgetting, please leave a comment and accept my apologies! Whew! We met a lot of people!

Heroes 2010 FTW! Can’t wait until next year! It really is the best con on the planet for comics. Seriously.