A bit better

Nick broke into our neighbors’ basement last night to see if Bernie was in there. The lights are on under there, but they’ve been gone for over a week so we couldn’t have them check. He just couldn’t stand it any more. Sadly, when he got in there he saw that there is an easy escape route that Bernie could use so the whole endeavor was for naught. Dammit. So now we’ve got to replace the latch and lock for them and hope they don’t hate us for going in there. I don’t think they will, they are very nice people. I wish that cat would come home.
I had a little retail therapy yesterday which helped with my doldrums. I went to Ross for a gift and found a wonderful surprise gift for a friend as well as two new frocks for myself. I’m fat as hell, but I still need stuff to wear.

I’m still not really in the mood for chitchat, but at least I’m not freaking out.

My new green Nano came in yesterday. Nick got it for $100 – about $50 less than usual – due to the auction ending on July 4th. It’s not in perfect condition, there are scratches on the back and on the screen as well. But hey, I got 8Gb of space for tunes as well all the album art. Yay! The newer Nanos are all video, so I can do pix, tunes and video of any kind. Nice. I put everything I wanted from our library on it last night and it’s half full. Now it’s time to go on a ripping binge! I’ve got a shelf full of CDs that I’ve not ripped, so I think I’ll dig into my old stuff.

So, that’s the state of me right now. Doing better, still don’t feel like chatting. Maybe tomorrow…