The Blind Meets the Deaf

Years ago, when Dave was recently blind and trying to get his life together, he was living at these halfway house type of apartments down on the South side of Atlanta – Forest Park, I believe. (It might have been 1990? Not sure.)

I was there one day for some reason and there was a knock on the door. Dave went to answer the knock and I hear him say “Hello? Hello?”. So I stuck my head around the corner to see what was going on. I see on the porch, this tall black guy who is looking at Dave and signing for all he’s worth. Dave’s eyes still looked ok since he’d not been blind long, so apparently the deaf guy didn’t realise that Dave was blind…

Hilarity ensues. After a moment of observing this and trying not to fall down laughing, I tell Dave that there’s a deaf guy at the door… He laughed so hard! I went to the deaf guy and mimed “blind” and pointed at Dave and then the deaf guy gets it and goes away. He didn’t seem nearly as amused by this whole exchange as we did, but whatever.

We laughed about that so many times over the years. :-) I love the memories of Dave that make me laugh.