Acupuncture session #2

I know, after the first time, can you believe I went back?? Well, I did and I’m damn glad of it.

This session was totally different than the first. 100x better! My doc did the same points as last time, but there was no pain. I felt a couple of sticks here and there, but nothing serious at all. Of course my body tried to pass out, which is normal for me, but this only lasted about 2 minutes – as opposed to the 10 minutes of cold sweats last time. There was no needle below the nose this time. When I asked about it, she told me that they only do that when a patient is freaking out – HA! Yep, I certainly was freaking out last time. Also, the session was much longer this time. What they do is put in the needles, give them a tweak, then you lay there, very still for about 20 minutes, with one or two tweaks in that time. This is for the back points and the front points. I am very sensitive, so while I was laying there, I could feel the chi buzzing around: first the right knee, then the upper spine then back to the knee. It is an odd sensation! It was also interesting to note how the same points felt different this time vs last time. For instance, the back of the knee was fine, but behind the ear was a little uncomfortable. And the eyebrows were sensitive this time whereas they were neglible last time. As a matter of fact, the right brow is still a little sore today! Weird! That is the bladder meridian. I should look that up… Yes, I also asked a ton of questions this time about the placement of needles, how deep they go, which meridians were being accessed. Here’s the list:
outer ankle: bladder meridian; shallow [.5in] BL60: KUN LUN
back of knee: bladder meridian; shallow BL40: WEI ZHONG
spine: there were several in the actual disks that are injured; deep [2 in (!!)] DU5: XUAN SHU back midline, DU9: ZHI YANG back midline, BL23: SHEN SHU bladder meridian. Not sure about these since I coulnd’t see them. There were 5 all together.
behind ears: gall bladder meridian; shallow GB20: FENG CHI
outside of knee: gall bladder meridian; shallow, could not find chinese reference
outside of hand below pinky: small intestine meridian; shallow SI3: HOU XI
inside eyebrow: bladder meridian; shallow BL2: ZAN ZHU

I’m very happy to report that acupuncture seems to be all I’ve heard it would be. My back feels about 98% normal and I felt terrific after the session. I get an endorphin high that is pretty spiffy. Once we get the back to where she wants it, then we’re gonna try to alleviate some other issues I’ve been having (yes, those “female” ones). Yay!

My doc still hasn’t released me to start excercise yet, but I will be able to start something new soon – as well as claim my last 5 sessions at the moronic Sonz. Don’t EVER go there, people, I’m telling ya, it’s not appropriate for anyone who’s not already in shape.