If you want to keep your eyebrows

… from being singed off by the FLAME, that is, do NOT call and ask me to change an entry from 6 fucking years ago! What a load of bullshit! I get a call from some guy we met in 2000 at a place we stayed in Helen, GA, (which shall remain nameless and therefore get no free advertising from me). He starts off acting all nice and then he gets to the point of telling me that his daddy “saw my post about our motel” and was “freaking out” because I mentioned that he (the son) was pagan. WTF? I came up on google, you see, because I’m all over google. THEY are not because they don’t even have a web presence.

So, basically, what you’re saying is that you consider yourself a pagan and make it a point to tell us about it, but you hide from your daddy, therefore, I should root through my site and change an entry from SIX frelling years ago so your daddy can feel better about it? Again, WTF? If my memory serves, YOU told US all about how pagan friendly your daddy’s motel is… Guess not, eh?

DUDE!! Grow up!!

Your daddy finally got on that ‘internet’ thing he heard about and now he wants to control internet content? What a narrowminded jerk of a guy. And you are condoning his narrowmindedness by making that stupid call to me. AND by having no spine.

Do us all a favour and DO NOT contact me EVER again. Do the pagan community a favour and don’t claim to be something you’re not. It’s rude, childish and just plain stupid.

Oh, the post is completely deleted, btw. Hope you enjoy this commentary that takes its place. The info is still in google, which caches pages. I sent them an email to modify the listing and remove my info. Maybe they will…

Don’t worry, the eyebrows will grow back. ;-)